Creating an Accessible Learning Experience

Digital accessibility isn’t a single feature, but rather a holistic approach that should be taken to create an inclusive learning environment. An accessible LMS and websites create an inclusive experience that can benefit all users, especially those from the Deaf and disabled community. Join us for this session as we take a look at federal regulations for accessibility, break down what this means in the digital learning universe, and highlight steps that you can take today to make your learning experiences more accessible. 

Nicholas Torres

Technical Project Manager


Nicholas Torres serves as the Technical Onboarding Team Lead for EthosCE at Cadmium. Nicholas' optimizes company performance by combining his technical expertise with his skills in agile methodology, strategic planning, and client relationship management. He holds a masters degree in Information Technology with concentrations in Cybersecurity, Healthcare Information Technology, and Business Analytics from Virginia Tech. He has also earned a Scrum Master and Product Owner certification from the Scrum Alliance. Nicholas aspires to make the world a place where people can be proud because they were their best selves. His hobbies include exploring the worlds of coffee making, digital accessibility, and data privacy.

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